Dr. Emilien Peytavit
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Topic : Ultrafast photonic devices for THz applications


 EPeytavit3 Emilien  Peytavit

Cité Scientifique, Av. Poincaré

CS 60069

59652 Villeneuve d’Ascq cedex



Tél : +33 (0)3 20 19 78 76
Fax : +33 (0)3 20 19 78 92


E-mail : emilien.peytavit@iemn.univ-lille1.fr


Emilien Peytavit received a Engineer degre from « Ecole Centrale de Lille » in 1999, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Lille, France in 2002 for his work on terahertz generation by optical heterodyne techniques. As a Postdoc at the CEA-LETI in Grenoble France (2003-2005) he worked on microbolometer arrays for terahertz detection. From 2005 onwards he has been a CNRS Research Scientist based at IEMN at the University of Lille in France. He is author or co-author of 45 journal papers, 56 international conference papers and 3 patents.

His current research interests include:

  • Ultrafast Photodetectors and Integrated Photonics Circuits for microwave and THz photonics
  • THz Waveguides and Antennas based on III-V compounds and Silicon Microtechnology techniques

Selected Publications


  •   « Resonant cavities for efficient LT-GaAs photoconductors operating at λ = 1550 nm  »
    Billet M., Latzel P., Pavanello F., Ducournau G., Lampin J.F., Peytavit E.
    APL Photonics1, 7 (2016) 076102, 8 pages
  • « Ultrawide-bandwidth single-channel 0.4-THz wireless link combining broadband quasi-optic photomixer and coherent detection « , Ducournau G., Szriftgiser P., Beck A., Bacquet D., Pavanello F., Peytavit E., Zaknoune M., Akalin T., Lampin J.F.,IEEE Trans. Terahertz Sci. Technol. 4, 3 (2014) 328-337
  •   « CW source based on photomixing with output power reaching 1.8 mW at 250 GHz »,Peytavit E., Latzel P., Pavanello F., Ducournau G., Lampin J.F. IEEE Electron Device Lett., 34, 10 (2013) 1277-1279
  • « Milliwatt-level output power in the sub-terahertz range generated by photomixing in a GaAs photoconductor », Peytavit E., Lepilliet S., Hindle F., Coinon C., Akalin T., Ducournau G., Mouret G., Lampin J.F. Appl. Phys. Lett., 99, 22 (2011) 223508-1-3
  • « Thin film transmission lines using cyclic olefin copolymer for millimeter wave and terahertz integrated circuits », Peytavit E., Donche C., Lepilliet S., Ducournau G., Lampin J.F. Electron. Lett., 47, 7 (2011) 453-454