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Romain PERETTI received his PhD in Physics 2008 at university de Lyon (France) awarding his research on rare earth spectroscopy on optical fiber in collaboration with Alcatel and Draka company He, then joined INL CNRS lab where his research interest focused on photonic crystal (PhC) for applications such as single photon sources, lasers and photovoltaic cells. In 2014 he joined the quantum opto-electronics group of Prof. J. Faist at ETHZ in Zuerich (Switzerland). Here he worked on quantum cascade lasers (QCL) and especially demonstrated the first room temperature PhC QCL.

Since 2016 he is leading the bio photonics terahertz activity in the TeraHertz photonics group at IEMN (Lille, France).

He coauthored more than 30 publications in peer review journal, he is recognized reviewer for OSA since 2014 and part of the scientific committee of the photoptics conference.



Current research interests


Five most recent selected publications

[1]          Romain Peretti, Valeria Liverini, Martin J Süess, Yong Liang, Pierre-Baptiste Vigneron, Johanna M Wolf, Christopher Bonzon, Alfredo Bismuto, Wondwosen Metaferia, Manavaimaran Balaji, Sebastian Lourdudoss, Emilio Gini, Mattias Beck, Jérome Faist. Room temperature operation of a deep etched buried heterostructure photonic crystal quantum cascade laser. Laser & Photonics Reviews, 10(5):843–848, 2016.

[2]          Guillaume Gomard, Romain Peretti, Ségolène Callard, Xianqin Meng, Rémy Artinyan, Thierry Deschamps, Pere Roca i Cabarrocas, Emmanuel Drouard, and Christian Seassal. Blue light absorption enhancement based on vertically channelling modes in nano-holes arrays. Applied Physics Letters, 104(5):–, 2014.

[3]          Romain Peretti, Guillaume Gomard, Loic Lalouat, Christian Seassal, and Emmanuel Drouard. Absorption control in pseudodisordered photonic-crystal thin films. Phys. Rev. A, 88:053835, Nov 2013. Arxiv.

[4]          Clément Sieutat, Romain Peretti, Jean-Louis Leclercq, Pierre Viktorovitch, and Xavier Letartre. Strong confinement of light in low index materials: the photon cage. Opt. Express, 21(17):20015–20022, Aug 2013.

[5]          Xianqin Meng, Emmanuel Drouard, Guillaume Gomard, Romain Peretti, Alain Fave, Christian Seassal. Combined front and back diffraction gratings for broad band light trapping in thin film solar cell. Opt. Express, 20(S5):A560–A571, Sep 2012.